Here are some fairly bad phone pics of my Kid Delf Summery head that the amazing micaeverywhere painted for me!!!  I plan to get her some pink eyes, but haven’t yet.  Oh, and a body lol.  I’m thinking the new Kid Delf body.  In general, I don’t like juvenile faces on bodies with developed chests, but the posability of that body is really nice according to pictures.  I prefer the old body for my Bory girl, since she’s supposed to be a child (someday, I’ll buy more dolls) but for this little elf, it’s okay to get the new body.  Even with the wig cap, these Leeke wigs are a big big, so I need to trim the bangs.  I’m going to wait until I can get some super sharp, little, hair-cutting scissors, though.  Also, I need to take better pics!  She’s really prettier in real life than these pics show.  I highly recommend Aileen for your faceups, she’s sweet, professional, and very talented.  I’m so happy with this doll!!!